The school had a very humble beginning with just 33 students in the year 2003 but the spirit and the enthusiasm of its founding father, Mr. Soju Sebastian was synonymous as he was prepared to raise a great foundation which prepares young human minds in creativity and responsible adults and citizens of tomorrow. Through the course of time, the school saw many hurdles but Mr. Sebastian kept building it brick by brick until it was recognized as brand and one of the most preferred.

The efforts and dedications were recognized by parents and soon it become a preferred and trusted destination for wholesome education. The school kept growing in strength in terms of students and the trust of the parents even though it had limited resources and a campus of few square feet.

However, this didn’t stop the vision of founder to try, to experiment and to provide necessary access to complete the need of 21st education model. The simple model of caring and shaping each student as per his/her need helped the school set a trend. Under unique education policy of SJS Team brought out the best in every student of the school and helped many alumni to take better decision and position in life.

Well, this didn’t stop here, the SJS Team kept trying to upgrade the school in terms of infrastructure, more space, technological enhancement and more. Hence, the SJS Team collaborated with some individuals with similar passion and a renowned organization, Hope For Northeast India, for the purpose. Finally, in the year 2012, the founder realised a part of the long envisioned dream when the school was shifted to its own campus and a full-fledged building with all required resources and accessibility. Since then school had only witnessed progress and success of its students every in every sphere.

In the midst of all these ups and downs, progress and development he was constantly helped by his brother Mr. Swaraj Sebastian. The founder who can perfectly be defined as a perfectionist and visionary nurtured brother, the students and everyone associated to be like him services and deeds. It was 2012 when the Founder Principal decided to retire and hand over the baton to his brother.

The school continues to remain trending as brand which anyone prefers to endorse. Each year we nurture more than 1300 students and a long list await to get enrolled due to our limited admission intake policy.

Founder Principal has set up a legacy and someone precisely said

‘every brick of the school will have a story to tell about the magnificent man called Mr. Soju Sebastian’

He is currently the Chief Advisor to the Principal.

Founder of ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL - A Senior Secondary School | Azara

Founder's Message

What makes human being so special among all other living creatures is the quality of brain execution where understanding and interpretation take place. Thus an individual needs to focus on a growth which thinks of being in a better society respecting each other's feelings and also being in equilibrium with the nature and its creation.

Education is the transformation of a human mind in making him understand the natural surrounding and the purpose for which we came to earth. Spirituality emphasizes on living a pure and pious life so as to live the life hereafter. Education is the string to connect a various medium in one network and is an important means in making us spiritual. A better...

Principal's Message

The fundamental strength of a thing is very important for it to last and throw an illuminating impression. The same thing is proven in science as in the case of a molecular bond. What I believe is the importance of primary education for an individual's growth, and that can be fullfiled by having a strong base during the formal education at school. This should make us feel different once we are grown-up, it should make us self-sufficient to aside the clouds and find the rainbow.

We, at SJS believe in that dedication, which up-brings a child with a difference so that one-fourth of our life which we spend in primary education, gives us a valuable profit along with...

Principal of ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL - A Senior Secondary School | Azara
Managing Trustee of ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL - A Senior Secondary School | Azara

Managing Trustee's Message

Thank you for your trust and faith in SJS. The school's aim has been to get your child to fulfill their potential as interesting and interested young men/women who will leave a positive legacy to their school and make their positive mark in the world. As with all educational institutions of quality, SJS can never be taken away from your son and it is perhaps the best investment and gift you can give him and your family. We, at SJS, strive hard to realize the goals and aims of a sound educational philosophy of converting our children into self actualized human adults, who, while realizing their potential...