Founder's Message

Founder of ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL - A Senior Secondary School | Azara

Founder of ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL - Azara

What makes human being so special among all other living creatures is the quality of brain execution where understanding and interpretation take place. Thus an individual needs to focus on a growth which thinks of being in a better society respecting each other's feelings and also being in equilibrium with the nature and its creation.

Education is the transformation of a human mind in making him understand the natural surrounding and the purpose for which we came to earth. Spirituality emphasizes on living a pure and pious life so as to live the life hereafter. Education is the string to connect a various medium in one network and is an important means in making us spiritual. A better education is a better tool to tackle life issues in a manner which stresses on good values and good living..

SJS makes your kid to understand the purpose of living and the beauty of life. Each point that defines life is viewed with a miniature effect here at SJS to understand its necessity, like a designer who leaves no stone unturned for the perfection in his work. Being sincere at work is one of the most important ingredients to drive us towards success. We aim to paint the life of your kid in a way that at a later stage when your little star sits and stares at it, his heart should only say one thing "Yes! I did it!.

Nobody is born with the prefixed wings of success but we make our own destiny and are destined to taste success. Everyone needs a guide to realize his potentialities and expose talents. We, at SJS do everything to understand a child and create an empire for him where he is crowned as the emperor. This helps him to exploit every opportunity as he/she is no more afraid to execute his potentialities. He is made a free bird to enact every thought of his as an emperor. We transcend all dogmas of traditional learning and embrace the contemporary arts of modern education acceptable across the globe.

This is our secret to dig talents from a child. We shield your child's dreams and drive him towards turning those dreams into reality. We don't spoon feed them but provide them with a free spirit of excellence to stretch out their wings so as to be candid in heart which is very much essential for success.

We believe in change, a change which brings better prospect for an individual, society, nation and world as a whole. The very expansion of human mind and creativity begin with us because we understand every child is blessed with numerous talents and potentialities and take your child into a whole new world of opportunity and success.

Thus we say SJS is,

Schooling For Tomorrow; Schooling For Tradition!

Founder Principal