Managing Trustee's Message

Managing Trustee of ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL - A Senior Secondary School | Azara
Mr. Sushil Kumar Goel

Message from the desk of the MANAGING TRUSTEE - ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL, Azara

Thank you for your trust and faith in SJS. The school's aim has been to get your child to fulfill their potential as interesting and interested young men/women who will leave a positive legacy to their school and make their positive mark in the world. As with all educational institutions of quality, SJS can never be taken away from your son and it is perhaps the best investment and gift you can give him and your family. We, at SJS, strive hard to realize the goals and aims of a sound educational philosophy of converting our children into self actualized human adults, who, while realizing their potential to the full, become responsive to the needs of their fellow citizens, and develop with a free, scientific and democratic outlook in life, have a craving for independent self learning from their own experiences as well as from the experience of the human race and learn to live and adjust even with those who may ideologically differ with them.

SJS is a school with difference, which believes that education must prepare children to develop cosmopolitan perspective since humanity has passed through the stage of infancy and youth and is now about to enter the age of maturity. We will compete for the best and brightest students as they will work with knowledgeable and influential faculty who will inspire, educate, train and mentor these future leaders of our nation.

We seek to mould our students to be a paradigm of responsibility and creativity and enabling them to think globally, reason critically and communicate effectively creating a utopian states to give every child a blend of values and skills required for advancement in an increasingly competitive world. That is a starling character, a balanced disposition and confidence. Children are taught the values of endeavor and proud mindedness and encouraged to cultivate qualities needed to be successful in life for spiritually satisfying career.

That is why we say SJS is

Schooling For Tomorrow; Schooling For Tradition!

Mr. Sushil Kumar Goel
Managing Trustee (Hope for North East India)