Principal's Message

Principal of ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL - A Senior Secondary School | Azara

Principal of ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL - Azara

The fundamental strength of a thing is very important for it to last and throw an illuminating impression. The same thing is proven in science as in the case of a molecular bond. What I believe is the importance of primary education for an individual's growth, and that can be fullfiled by having a strong base during the formal education at school. This should make us feel different once we are grown-up, it should make us self-sufficient to aside the clouds and find the rainbow.

We, at SJS believe in that dedication, which up-brings a child with a difference so that one-fourth of our life which we spend in primary education, gives us a valuable profit along with the principal investment. We take care of your child in such a way that your little star of today does not go astray tomorrow. School education has a tremendous role in shaping an individual. From the day we first hand over a pencil to the child till the day he/she passes the school, we have to carry a huge responsibility on our shoulder. We understand this responsibility and look after your child in the way he/she deserves to grow. It is not that everyone will become Einstein, Abdul Kalam or Tagore but we work in that way where an individual finds a better life of respect, peace and prosperity tomorrow.

The school keeps a scope for the world and train each student to look at society, the nation and the world with a better perspective. If you have decided to partner with us for your child's development, then SJS assures you that we will work to keep your faith alive in us and make you feel the best Mom and Dad on earth.

We assure you that in due course of time you will feel the difference in being with us and thus we say SJS is,

Schooling For Tomorrow; Schooling For Tradition!